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hello there I am a new comer. I just got a blackberry vodafone 7100v and ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    some questions about 7100v


    hello there
    I am a new comer. I just got a blackberry vodafone 7100v and I am trying to get used to it. so, I have some few questions:
    1. I am not able to connect the phone with bluetooth as I was doing it with my smartphone
    2. Can I listen to music or watch video clips in the phone. if so, where can I find theses applications?
    3. My phone is for individual use how can I use the enterprise server express

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    Re: some questions about 7100v

    welcome to Pinstack Jacdem.

    1. With bluetooth headset yes. With Blackberry desktop manager yes. With 4.1 software on both.

    2. The 7100 series multimedia capability is low you'll have to upgrade to the 8100 series as it becomes available to your carrier in future.

    3. Individual then u don't need BES express. Prerequisites a server, MS exchange, or (lotus).
    See if your carrier will soon ofter hosted BES via RIM:

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