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This is a thread for business owners. This is an opportunity for us to share ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    Small Business Owners Connection


    This is a thread for business owners.

    This is an opportunity for us to share information, such as your successes and failures in getting established.

    I am also interested in knowing what you did to get noticed and appeal to your target audience.

    Also list:

    1) What type of computer you use
    2) What type of operating system you use(on your computer, i.e., windows vista, leopard, etc...)
    3) How does you Blackberry tie into your business

    I believe we can tell what we do(hopefully this won't get deleted)

    So let's hear it...

    I have a couple of companies, My primary company is a Musician Placement Company. I work from home and go to visit my clients face to face, initially. Basically, clients call me when they have a need for a musician or a singer. Whether it's a one time event or a long term placement, clients pay our company and we pay the musician/singer. My biggest challenge is, potential clients many times get nervous about signing an agreement(which makes them have to do what they say their going to do...)

    My secondary company is a independent tech group that works on pda phones(get it...). We offer training on the functionality of their device and also offer items suchas: themes, ringtones, 3rd party apps, make comsumers get the best out of their device. My main challenge is, I really need a way become more visable to consumers.

    I use a HP Pavilion laptop with windows vista. I market myself by: word of mouth, business cards and by a myspace page.

    I am open to other ways to grow my business...

    Any ideas?

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    ~via BB (

    Take out an ad in ur local newspaper..

    Give that a try

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    I am an Inmate Service Provider along with being an Virtual Assistant. I service all the prisons in the United States. I have three computers my main one is running XP, my laptop is Vista and my old school machine is running Windows 2000.

    I am still kind of new to Blackberry and since I use MS Office programs I am not sure how I am going to be able to use my BB for that. However I am willing to try it out it would free me from my desk.

    When I stated 3 yrs ago I took out an ad and I did all kinds of promotions to get my client base. I suggest that you go to small business conferences and also join some small business forums they can give you some information on how to market yourself.

    The one thing I must suggest is if your a small business to try to treat it like a regular job. My downside was that I put a lot of time and energy into my business and what it did was burn me out. I would work 7 days a week 14-16 hours a day without having time off or even taking a much needed vacation.

    If you ever need any ideas or help just add me.... pin is in my profile.

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