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    Seeking Conversationalists


    I have made lots of PIN friends, and some are really awesome that I enjoy talking to a lot! What I'm trying to get away from, though, are the people who start up a conversation, then after a few minutes I realize I'm doing ALL THE TALKING, and I'm getting responses like, "ya," or "no," or "idk," instead of complete sentences.

    If you have a variety of interests aligning anywhere close to art, music, photography, games, technology, blackberries, or partying, and can communicate via BlackBerry Messenger in complete thoughts and sentences, feel free to add me!

    I don't pretend to talk all the time, but when I do I like my conversations to be intelligent.

    PIN is below or in profile. -~- my WebComic
    PIN: 2420565A -~- T-Mo 8320

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    Lol, wow! I seem to have a similar problem...when I'm having a conversation with someone then suddenly I'm talking but gettin no reply. I understand that people get busy, I do all the time. At least I have consideration for the other person and say 'I gotta go, ttyl.' Is that too much to ask? I put that phrase in my autotext so it take half a second to say it.
    [end rant]

    If you want to have a conversation, hit me up. PIN in profile.


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    Hahaha, I know what you guys mean.. I completely feel the same way. If you are interested in chatting, feel free to add me or pin me.
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