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Hi all. Question on the BB Messenger. Does anyone know if there is a way ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    Reverting Display name back to Nickname


    Hi all. Question on the BB Messenger. Does anyone know if there is a way to revert the display name you set up for someone back to the nickname that the a contact has it set up too? If you try to clear out the display name it tells you that the field cannot be empty. What i do then is change it to what the contacts display name is, but if they decide to change it again it won't reflect on my contact list and i would have to do it manually. Normally if you decide not to rename your contact and they decided to change there display name it would reflect on your contact list automatically. Soooo that being said, anyone have any suggestions on what i can do or am i out of luck???

    Thanks in advanced!
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    If your talking about bb messanger. Try deleting the contact, and remake it with the nickname you want. Then re add to bb messanger...

    Hope that helps

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