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HAD TO GET A NEW PHONE..WHICH MEANS NEW PIN...31AB0618...ADD ME!!! Here is my intro to ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    HAD TO GET A NEW PHONE..WHICH MEANS NEW PIN...31AB0618...ADD ME!!! Here is my intro to get to know me..btw remember sarcasm.

    I'll start with the basics my name is Savannah. I'm one smoking Jalapena. I'm a mom to 2 little kids!! Somedays I think that was god's way to get back at me for all the **** I put my father through growing up. I'm hoping by the time they are teens......I can just have a tracking device implanted in them!! It will ruin there fun but I will sleep peacefully. Plus I will totally be able to bust them when they try to lie to me.

    A few random facts about me....I'm addicted to internet news sights. I can't stay away from and I am 1/2 hispanic so it is MANDATORY that I own a nameplate. I have retired it but I still have it and clean it. I can't walk past a mirror or shiny window w/out checking myself out. I am an Army wife. My hubby drives me nuts. My kids dont need friends bc they have at least 200 cousins. I have what I call, Stranger Danger. I have this social anxiety that is uncontrollable when it comes to strangers. It mostly is the anticipation of what is coming and the initial like 30 seconds of the conversation where I get all ****ed up inside, after that I am usually pretty cool. Do not talk to me in the grocery line. That goes with the checkers also. I would rather you just point to the total, I will give you my money at that time. If we are both walking our dogs, no my dog doesn't like your stupid dog and her name is, Don't ****ing Talk to Me 3. If I just meet you and I think you are semi cool, don't ask me to go do something with you need to let me ease into you in a group situtation multiple times before I am willing to go to the ****ing farmers market with you, okay? Do not force me to call and order any sort of take out/delivery food. I would rather starve to death than to talk to those people. My hubby thinks it's hilarious. If you are waiting on my your job and walk away. Don't listen to my conversation and get into it, don't tell me your name, I don't care and don't tell me the specials, I can ****ing read alright?

    Im the only person I know that will make a mix CD w/ 2pac and some Blue oyster cult on it. I smoke and I don't care if you don't like it. I like to drink beer & I cuss like a sailor I won't filter myself unless you have small children around & sometimes even then I will drop an F-bomb and by F-bomb I mean ****!

    I am a corprate slave by day and supermom at night. I have a cape and everything. I don't really like any kids other than my own. I watch too much reality T.V. and I'm convinced that one day I will win the lotto (even though I don't play) and I will be able to live the good life. Well if you would like to join my group add me I am always looking forward to new friends!!!

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    Wow. Hi there. Grab my pin, and we'll be pin pals! Profile homepage is my Myspace page. Put in a friend request and we'll hook that up too. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Take care.

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