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Hello.. to al BB adicts and members of the pinestack forum... i need realy to ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    Poor Blackberry Culture


    Hello.. to al BB adicts and members of the pinestack forum...

    i need realy to talk about an issue thats has been bothering me for many days now... i live Caracas (that;s south american for those..).. and recently Movistar and Movilnet plus other companys have introduce the BB (7250, Pearl and 8700), before that there was one thing call T-MOTION (wich is a RIM 950 -- that still you could get at the service provider)..

    Mobile companys here did focus the BB and RIM to whats call PYME (Small and Medium Companys) leaving out everybody else wich wanted and working, and productive fashionable phone..

    Many people now days have the BB pearl, but they dont even know what a PIN or sending e-mail though the BB, they just know that a phone and you could take pics and stuff...

    Prices arent that expensive, and best of all, since this tecnology (say after the RIM 950 its new ) the company doesnt charge you for the Data, just for the service. so i say C'mon guys what everbody its waiting.. a miracle?

    i only wish people down here had 2 o more thumbs so they realize what a cool phone are the BB

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    Re: Pour Blackberry Culture

    Two words matt: "third word"

    That is the reason of our DESGRACIA

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