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hey guys just a quick question, i recently got a pearl and im real interested ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    pin safety?


    hey guys just a quick question, i recently got a pearl and im real interested in the PIN messaging stuff (even though i have not tried it yet) . my question is how safe is it to be giving your PIN out on the internet? is there any type of information someone could get about you that you may not want them too?
    my problem is i wanna test out the PIN system but no one i know has a blackberry yet; although everyone will around christmas
    thanks for your help


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    I am not aware of it being unsafe to provide. It is basically a sms message that gets charged as data not sms. Also there is an excellent help write up in the forums here.
    If you do not want to post your pin publicly, find someone here you think you can trust and PM them your pin. I would do this for you, but If you have security concerns doing this, then maybe one of the mods or admins will make the same offer.

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    One thing to note here, While I wouldn't post my PIN just anywhere on the Internet, the Profiles and PIN display is limited to PinStack Members. Additionally Pin to Pin messaging requires access to the RIM network which means that any problem of mis-use can be reported to RIM for help in resolving.

    If a Member has their Pin Posted, they shouldn't be adverse to receiving Pin messages from any member. Just try to be aware of the time at their location if entered, and identify yourself as a Pinstack member and include your username.

    Hope this helps
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    As of now, the only thing that can do anything with a PIN is another BlackBerry device.

    It's not like email or SMS where anyone can send you messages.

    And there is no way to cloak a PIN, and as RC said, it can be reported to and traced by RIM.

    And in the months on Pinstack with my PIN posted, I've yet to receive inappropriate messages.

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