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I would be cool to find a way to get involved with group pin conversations. ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    I would be cool to find a way to get involved with group pin conversations. I am new to pinning and I speak to a few people throughout the day, however it seems that there is usually no one chatting (in my little group) when I actually have nothing going on.

    I am basically looking for a way that I could get involved with group conversations without feeling that I might be interrupting someone during a meeting or some other form of "put-down your blackberry dammit!" activity.

    Some basic Ideas
    - some form of group access point, maybe on a rotating volunteer basis
    - building a specific on-pin discussion group and maintaining it.
    - have a way for users to signify on that they are participation in a group discussion and welcome others
    - assigning a (for lack of better term) "moderator" to act a a hub for discussions.

    This was just a thought.
    Tim Warner, RN

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    I've been working on this for a while now. Hence, the name PIN Stack hehe. Lot's more to come this week.

    Please go to: where i'm still adding Stacks. Suggest any PIN Stacks you'd like to see in there. Moderators for groups are welcome.

    Notice the PIN Message forum is now:

    Blackberry Forum - PIN Stacks.
    New Forum! Discussion about's User Stacks of Blackberry owners who wish to be contacted via PIN messages. Join a Stack by Location or interest and reach out to other RIM handheld users. Send FREE PIN's to other PIN Stackers!

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