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Has anyone figured out how to send messages to multiple PINS - as in a ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    PIN Based Distribution List


    Has anyone figured out how to send messages to multiple PINS - as in a distribution list - without using third party software? I would think that would be a feature that RIM would have made available early on but I cannot find any info. In the event of an emergency - like Rita here last September - a single emergency address that contacted all relevant company personnel would come in very handy. I would appreciate any constructive input.

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    The ony ways I could think to do this would be first, use BBmessenger and invite all needed parties into the same 'chat' session. Then distribute any necessary info.

    Another way would be from the Messages screen click and go to compose PIN Message, the add all the PINs you want in the group via the address book. Now save the blank message in your Drafts folder. Then mark it as saved (click trackwheel and go to Save). Then, to send the message, just go to your saved folder, open that draft, and you're cooking with gas.

    The only other way would be to just use emails instead of PINs and save them all under one contact.

    Unless there's a way to do it with BES (which I don't have) then that's the only solutions I can think of. Perhaps a BES can chime in with more info...

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