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Please I am a new at this. Have a 8700g. Help on how to find ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    Please I am a new at this. Have a 8700g. Help on how to find and download media player to play music if I can?

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    Re: orionjms

    Hello Orionjms. Welcome to the Stacks. BerryTunes would be an excellent product for you:

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    Re: orionjms

    ~via BB ( don't need to pay for BerryTunes if you know how to write a single line of HTML--the href statement. Also you BES policy may not allow 3rd party programs to use the serial port (its for the USB but the policy calls it seral.
    Here's the steps:
    1) Open your MP3s in Audacity or another MP3 editor. Resave them in a different folder as 16k quality. Do this to cut down on file size. The MP3s will also not sound like a concert hall anymore but through that tiny speaker in the back of the 8703e they never were going to sound like a concert hall.

    2) Create an account on Create a website replacing all their HTML with essentially just HREF statements and line breaks: <BR> and <P>s. For 50 MP3s your total HTML could be 50 + 2 lines.

    3) On your Blackberry call up the website you created above. Click on the links you created that link to each song. When the song is downloaded, instead of saving it, do a "Save page." This will keep the entire song on your Blackberry until you decide to delete it. You can see a list of all the songs you downloaded within Messages by cicking the wheel, then going to View Folder, then Browser Messages. Although you can only reasonably keep about 20 songs on an 8703e, by having your library out on the web you can have access to a large collection at any time.

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