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I moved from my Treo 650 to a company BB and like it so far ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    I moved from my Treo 650 to a company BB and like it so far but i need help finding shortcuts.

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    Re: Noob to BB

    What kind of shortcuts are you looking for? Welcome to Pinstack
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    Re: Noob to BB

    ~via BB ( to pinstacks. Try to alt + escape to switch between apps

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    Re: Noob to BB

    The alt escape was awesome! Diden't know that. Apparently my company has locked me out of my browser, i can see it when i hit alt escape but can't see it on my home screen, and it won't let me go any where. Any ideas?

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    Re: Noob to BB

    blitz945, Welcome to Pinstack. For shortcuts and tips, check out the Help App on the home screen of your BB. Then click on Shortcuts and decide which area you want to start learning the shortcuts.

    hope this helps
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    Re: Noob to BB

    ~via BB ( Hello blitz, welcome to For the internet browser try to hold the alt key and press the trackwheel while on the homescreen. See if it shows the words show all, if so the app may have been hidden, so find it and hold alt and the trackwheel again and choose to not hide it.

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    Re: Noob to BB

    This is not my post. I was trying to find it, but can't remember where I found it in here. So this is a repost, and I don't deserve the credit for it. I had to download it to a word doc it was so useful. So whoever originally posted it please stand up and take credit. I really appreciate the info.

    Blackberry shortcuts, tips & tricks


    I combined your list with some from PDA Prophet, others from the BBUsers egroup mail list, and a few of my own:

    ALT key = the orange key on the lower left
    CAP key = bottom right key (AKA SHIFT key)

    In General
    1) Hold the ALT key while you roll the thumb-wheel to scroll horizontally in any field where you can enter or view text.

    2) Hold the ALT key while you roll the thumb-wheel to scroll through a field to view options.

    3) Hold the CAP key while you roll the thumb-wheel to select multiple items in a list.

    4) Type the first letter of an item in an options list or menu to jump directly to that item.

    5) Type the first letters of a name or the initials separated by a space to find a contact in the Address Book screen.

    6) Press C to create a new message, task, or appointment in the Messages, Saved Messages, Calendar, and Tasks functions.

    7) Rearrange the ribbon: In the Home screen (ribbon), hold the ALT key and click the thumb-wheel to select an icon. Roll the thumb-wheel to move the icon to another position and click the thumb-wheel to "drop" it into the new position on the ribbon.

    8 ) The Blackberry display can be backlit to allow reading messages in the dark. To get the light to come on, hit the orange ALT key three times. This provides sufficient light for reading messages; doesn't help with using the keyboard in the dark, though. The light goes out automatically after a few seconds of inactivity.

    9) Turning the radio off and back on when coverage is spotty and you've lost signal seems to help.

    10) Password protect your BB. To set a password, go to the Options menu to the Security item. Set the desired timeout (I use 15 minutes) and enable/set a password. In conjunction with this, you should also go to the Options menu to the Owner item, and enter your name, phone number, etc. When the password protection kicks in, this is what is displayed on the screen.

    11) After five incorrect attempts at typing in your password, the password starts echoing (figuring you really need all the help you can get). After ten attempts, it performs a lobotomy on itself and almost all data is cleared. The Memo database, however, is retained and visible.

    12) To support more than one signature. Wipe out your auto-signature in the Redirector of the Desktop Software and just use 'AutoText' to configure alternate sigs.

    In the Message List
    (Some of these work in tasks, memos, and appointments also)

    1) ALT-i: show only incoming mail

    2) ALT-o: show only outgoing mail (messages you have sent - i.e. checkmark icon)

    1) t: go to top of message listing

    2) b: go to end/bottom of message listing

    3) backspace: close message listing and return to home screen (ribbon)

    Deleting multiple messages at once:
    1) Highlight a date (i.e. Fri, Oct 05,2001) in the message list, hit the thumb-wheel and select delete prior. All messages prior to that date will be deleted.

    2) Hold down the CAP key and use the thumb-wheel to scroll up or down to select messages. Click the thumb-wheel and select 'Delete Messages'. Combine this with a sorting tip to make it even more useful (i.e. To delete the last 5 messages that you have sent (checkmarks), press 'ALT' then the letter 'o' (for outgoing) this will show all of your sent messages, then per this tip scroll down and select the last five.

    While In A Message
    1) enter: scroll down a page/screen at a time

    2) ALT-enter: scroll back a page/screen at a time

    3) b: scroll to end of page

    4) t: scroll to top of page

    5) u: jump to closest unread message

    6) n: jump to next message

    7) p: jump to previous message

    8 ) backspace: close message and return to message listing

    1) a: reply to or answer this message

    2) f: forward this message

    Select Text (OS v2.1+):
    1) Press the CAP key and then scroll the thumb-wheel to select. If you release the CAP key and scroll the thumb-wheel you will select entire lines. Press the CAP key again at any time to start selecting by character again.

    2) Hold down ALT key + CLICK the thumb-wheel (click it don't hold it down), release the thumb-wheel and then use it to scroll whole lines. You can press and hold the ALT key at anytime to start selecting by character again.

    With either method, click the thumb-wheel and select 'Cut Selection' or 'Copy Selection'... to paste, open a new message or whatever, click the thumb-wheel, and then select 'Paste Selection'.

    Composing Message
    1) Press and hold a letter to capitalize it (with Key Rate enabled).

    2) Press the SPACE key twice to insert a period and capitalize the next letter.

    3) Press the SPACE key to insert the "@" and "." characters in an Email field. Backspace and type again to over-ride this like you would with AutoText.

    4) Press and hold a letter key and roll the thumb-wheel to scroll through international/accent characters, equation symbols and other marks.

    1) Press T to go to "Today" in the Calendar screen.

    2) Press G to go to a specific date in the Calendar screen.

    3) The default date range for Calendar synchronization in Desktop Manager may not suit most people. While configuring the Calendar synchronization, click the Advanced button and specify the desired range.

    1) The largest draw on battery life is the transmitter, so if you are transmitting a lot, you can expect reduced battery life.

    2) Being in fringe or no coverage areas will eat up your battery as it attempts to transmit. If you're in an area that is out of range, turn your BB's radio off manually or use Options / Auto On Off to conserve battery life.

    3) Generally speaking (you can get higher rated ones) rechargeable batteries only last about half as long as standard alkaline battery.

    4) Energizer e2 Photo Lithium batteries tend to last the longest for me. However, they are more expensive and when they finally start to go, have another on hand because they drain quickly at that point.

    Geek Tips
    1) Rather than looking at the bars, you can change the display of the 'percentage of battery remaining' and the 'signal strength' to read in real numbers. While at the home screen (ribbon), hold down the orange ALT key while you type DBON. The bars should change to read numbers. For the 'signal strength', if you are in the 100 area (that means -100 dBm), you will be transmitting at maximum power (2 Watts), and since coverage is hit and miss at this weak a signal, you may end up transmitting many times before the packets make it through. This might help explain any poorer than normal battery life.

    2) To get the bars back: While at the home screen (ribbon), hold down the orange ALT key while you type DBOF.

    3) Hold down the orange ALT key -AND- the CAP key at the same time, then the letter 'b'. This will show you the 'Device Status' screen with extended battery info and other stuff. This tip should work from any screen.

    4) Hold down the orange ALT key -AND- the CAP key at the same time, then the letter 'r'. This will show you the 'Radio Status' screen. Clicking on some of the info opens up news windows. Pressing the letter 'p' while on the 'Radio Status' screen sends a packet to the system which will send your BB an acknowledgement in return. This is useful if you are in a weak signal area and want to stop your BB from searching for other sites. You can do this and your BB might stay there long enough to let you send that message that you might normally be in a too weak of an area to send. Also, pressing the letter "b" on this screen will get you the same 'Device Status' screen as tip #3 above. This tip should work from any screen.

    5) ALT-CAP-Backspace will reboot your BB.
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