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Hey all, im a pearl crackberry convert with a couple questions that have been left ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    Newbie that couldnt find some answers...


    Hey all, im a pearl crackberry convert with a couple questions that have been left unanswered after searching and reading thread after thread. But first off I would just like to say how awesome this forum is, everyone is super helpful and always supportive and that is a very rare and respectable attribute. Ok anyway now that i got the mushy stuff out of the way, ive been wondering just how the pin to pin messaging works and if i need to have the data plan activated to use it? i guess im more kind of looking to test it out, so if anyone has a second and would like to give me the quick 411 and a test message to 23E918C3 that would be great. Also, ive read a lot of threads about this issue that ive been having where apparently the device memory becomes used up and it deletes all your text messages and call log. And ive read that i should delete language packages and excess videos and such, and ive done that. But i need a little more guidance and a step by step approach when it comes to reallocating memory usage like one user suggested, im just not familiar enough with the device yet to figure that one out. And also if you would be so kind as to give me the steps if possible to relocate the storage of the call log information so that it is not paired with the text messages so incase this does happen again i will only lose the messages and not the log. Thank you guys so much for reading this short novel that i just wrote :P and i hope to hear from you soon!

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    Re: Newbie that couldnt find some answers...

    i sent you a pin...but yeah, without a data plan, you won't get it...

    one little secret for clearing up memory is erasing logs.
    hold down alt key and click LGLG and it will bring up logs.
    click menu>clear logs
    then menu>options and uncheck all the boxes

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