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Hi everyone, I ran into a gentlemen today who noticed I had a Blackberry, after ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    New user...I'm open to suggestions on getting started


    Hi everyone, I ran into a gentlemen today who noticed I had a Blackberry, after a few minutes he could tell I was a new user. Not only did he show me a few neat things about the 8700 he directed me to this site. He said the site would be more useful than the 160 page manual you can print from the cd.

    So now that I have this Blackberry, I'm excited about learning how to use it and I look forward to sharing information with many of you.

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    Hi mebmboys (neat story) Welcome to Pinstacks,

    Below are a few links that should help get you started.

    I also try and make available to new Pinstackers their choice of a theme or ringtone for their phone.
    Feel free to look over the more than 1,000 themes i have and let me know if you see one you would like.

    Please keep in mind the theme/ringtone requirements for your phone.

    BB Faq's:
    Pinstack downloads:
    Official Ringtone thead:
    Themes threads:
    Pinstacker files thread:
    BB Knowlege Base:

    Additional BB Themes:
    Additional BB Ringtones:

    enjoy Pinstack

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    Hello, and welcome to the Stacks

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