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OK, so I just got a Black Berry Pearl. And I have a few questions. ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    New to BB and this site...HELP!!!


    OK, so I just got a Black Berry Pearl. And I have a few questions.

    1- I installed the "Berry Vine Messenger" from Handango---I did the trial version, never got the darn thing to do I get it off my phone? I think it's slowing it down

    2- I then downloaded the Quick IM so I could talk to my friends on MSN...that I like. However, since I am always looking for something better, is there something better?

    3- I see all these themes on here...and I really want one that will move the icons to the bottom of my screen (you know, in the zen theme, where there are 5 icons on the left side?) When I put pictures as my wall paper, the icons always cover some aspect of the pic, and so I was wondering if there was a theme to move the icons to the bottom????

    4- My PIN number? Where on earth is it?

    I think that's it! LOL! SO sorry for all the questions, but I am seriously BB stupid.

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    Re: New to BB and this site...HELP!!!

    Ok here goes!

    1) Go to Settings>Options>Advanced Options>Applications
    Scroll down the the Program you want to delete and use the Menu key
    to choose delete.

    2) Currently the best program that supports all clients even is JiveTalk. Search the 3rd Party Software forum for it. It's currently in
    beta right now so you'd have to send the devs an email requesting to be part of their beta test. It's totally worth it. You help make the program better(if you find bugs) and you get to use a FREE multi-IM program. If you have any other questions on this one, can always PIN me.

    3) Not really versed on the themes. One aspect I haven't really explored yet but I don't believe there is a theme that can do this. Hopefully someone with better info comes in and answers this question.

    4) You can find your PIN by going to Settings>Options>Status
    An easier route would be to hold down Alt and press EACE. That's a nice
    little trick I learned from this site. Can do that from anywhere.

    Questions are great so don't sweat it. As you get better then you get to give back to the community by answering some other n00b's questions haha! So ask away, everyone here is extremely helpful.
    Good luck

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