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    new Pearl user


    I just got a Pearl from Cingular after struggling to keep up with emails in the last few months and I had some questions. First, I have a Mac. How do I install apps onto my BB? Do I have to run BootCamp and then Windows and then BB Desktop? or wait till Missing Sync comes out for BB and possible has a app loader? Also I'm a big cell phone game player (I'm a full time college student on top of everything that I do and sometimes I get bored in class...), any good places to get over the air games (good games)? Thanks.


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    Re: new Pearl user

    No desktop software for mac os if you want to load apps from the desktop you will have to be running windows. OTA games are available from the games section of pinstack~via BB (

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    Re: new Pearl user

    Actually I think you can download the Mac desktop software onto your pc and then connect your pc to it and this will allow you to do many things including adding apps to your bb and alot more. There are also some over the air apps available for free and if you find the right ones they are great. As of right now i have a few games on my bb but don't know exactly where i got them but if you search on this site for OTA games you will find many threads with good OTA games.

    Hope this helps,

    COJO 24

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    Re: new Pearl user

    jvwain, Welcome to PinStack.

    You might want to look for PocketMac to sync with your BB. Don't know if it will allow adding applications though. Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help with this problem or your BB.

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