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Hello! I have some trouble with my two blackberry 7290`s, i`ve got for free. Maybe ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    Question New meber here...



    I have some trouble with my two blackberry 7290`s, i`ve got for free. Maybe it is impossible to fix the problems, but i try it here to describe the errors and i hope, there`s a little chance to fix them.
    I come from germany and my mobil-provider is arcor.

    Now the problems. The first one takes a lot of time before it starts with the screen for writing in the password. After i write the password, i can only see a text-menu with all the included functions. The Platform is
    Some of the menu-items are OK, but e.g. "MemoPad" says: "Error starting net_rim_bb_memo_app:Module 'net_rim_os-3' has verification errors."
    Ist the operating system damaged?
    Is there a way to get it again on the blackberry?

    The other one starts with an icon "Window" with a circle, a rectangle and a triangel in it, ther`s a circle around it and a diagonal line through the circle.
    Under the circle, there`s a number "507", may be an error code.

    Do i have a chance to get both of them working propperly again?

    I am very thankful for any answers.
    By the way, i am a engineer and know a lot about computers and other related things.


    Martin from Hamburg

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    kawakitschi, Welcome to PinStack.

    To start with, there is a good posibility you will be able to get at least on of them working and probably both. For a start, you are going to have to re-install the OS on both of them.

    To do this you will need to download the OS for the 7290s and DeskTop Manager from a Carriers RIM Software Download site. I don't know about your carrier but here is a list of a lot of them.
    Blackberry OS Software links (by carrier).

    For the Desktop Manager you can find it here, Desktop Software Downloads.

    For instructions on installing the OS on the first device, use the procedure in this thread, How to: OS 4.x Upgrade for your Blackberry.

    For the second BB use this process, and follow it very carefully, paying particular attention to the instructions in red, How To: ReInstall OS When Computer Won't recognize The Device Is Connected.

    Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help with this problem or your BB.

    You Ask, We Will Answer
    Can’t Install theme via DM?No Additional Apps Found for Your Device
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    Hi kawakitschi,

    welcome to Pinstack

    when your done trying what Rcbjr sugested stop back by and give us an update.

    glad to see a new member, enjoy.

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