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my initial reaction was similar to yours ... however ... viewing a pinstack profile and someone's myspace page is a totally different world ..

with all the customization and personal info allowed , you can get to know a whoooooooooole lot more about someone when you compare their myspace page to their Pinstack profile.

interesting....cause generally speaking, other than the fact that you have a blackberry like I do (if that), I really wouldn't care what kind of music you listen to, what movies you like, and what kind of graphics you have on your page. If your interest in someone extends past their interest of blackberry's than that would put you as a borderline stalker in my opinion.

i'm not condeming myspace because i do in fact have one but it's merely to keep in touch with my long lost friends and family...not to find other people that share my interests...because i find that doing so is a waste of time; don't believe me? just go through the other "groups" that you belong to on your myspace and look at the dates of the last post, bulletin, etc....not very active is it?....where as on pinstack you always find something new everyday...a myspace group would have people posting info that they more than likely would get from pinstack or other blackberry sites which essentially be creating a "middleman" (or middlewoman)....again, i stand by my opinion of a blackberry myspace group being pointless.