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This is the only place on line where I thought I might be able to ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    Los Angeles Web Masters....


    This is the only place on line where I thought I might be able to find what/who I need. I am looking for a webmaster in Los Angeles or even IE, SGV or norther section of Orange County (not farther than an hour would be really nice)...I need someone to set up my website and run it for me. It's a membership site, so I will need someone who is comfortable working with a billing company and uploading information on a monthly or bi-weekly basis...anyway...PM me or PIN me and we can set up a meeting...I am hoping to be done "interviewing" people by mid January....

    (the reason I'm looking for people in these areas is so that we can have meetings to find out how things are and so that I can colaborate,...I have an idea of what I want, and I want this to be a "work together" senario)

    (If this is in the wrong Forum, i'm sorry)
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