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i understand what you guys are saying. from a girls perspective though its a bit ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    i understand what you guys are saying. from a girls perspective though its a bit different. i get guys that request me, then send me messages nonstop. or the guys that want to "meet up" where do you live? or i am in your state all the time, we should get together. or do you have any pics you can send me? it sucks that some people take this as a free dating service! if we have something in common or you are easy to talk to thats one thing, but the people that are expecting something are the ones that ruin it.

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    Hey Guys. My name is Jenny. I agree with what all of you have to say. I have had about 10 people add me and no one says a word. I will only let people linger for so long. If you add me, say something. If i send someone a request, I don't mind introducing myself at all. Interesting people with something to say are a dime a dozen. As long as you have something to say and have valid feelings, I will talk. I always get the most popular, ASL, DO YOU HAVE PICS. One guy sent me a pic of his private parts straight off. I was shocked to say the least.

    I get deleted a lot once guys see that I am African-American. Some guys have sent me a message more than once not realizing they deleted me because of my race. Race does not matter to me. I am just looking to meet new people from the US and around the world. Black, white, married, single.....there is always something to chat about. Just don't waste my time.

    Send me a private message if you wanna chat.

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    Well, Im sure that there are plenty of guys that think that by chatting they might get hooked up.. but then again there are some of us that just want to chat.. kill some spare time and just have a BB friend. Sending and recieving pictures.. well, its normal for people to wanna see who they are chatting with.. sucks that you had bad experiences with it in the past. Sorry that you didnt see it coming.
    Like I said.. dont loose hope.. some of us are actually nice.

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