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i have just got a Blackberry pearl. I have set up my email accounts (x2) ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    I Need Help!!!!!!!


    i have just got a Blackberry pearl. I have set up my email accounts (x2) onto it. No problem. I'm now getting email notifications and normal SMS.

    However, since doing phone is also randomly beeping red...and at the top of the screen, in the middle, is the letter F , with a red star on it...and daily there is a number that is going up! its up to 10 now!! i haven't got a clue what they are! i've checked both email inboxes and they are empty, and my SMS are empty too..

    Anyone got any ideas???!!! its driving me MAD. i almost want my sony erricson back :< lol..tho besides this i love the phone!

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    Re: I Need Help!!!!!!!

    Do you have Facebook installed on your Pearl? The little icon that pops up to tell you there is a new item in Facebook is a little F, a white F in a blue box. The icon for Facebook looks the same.

    See if that is the culprit
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    Re: I Need Help!!!!!!!

    ^^ Either that or it could be in the email folder, and that is sometimes hidden.

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