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New to the site, thought I'd make my way over here for an introduction. All ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    Smile Hullo!


    New to the site, thought I'd make my way over here for an introduction. All you socialites are probably used to this, so go ahead and spam it up.

    My BB:

    Just bought a curve 8320, it was gently-used, still in really good shape. Also got a pearl 8100 with the deal and I'm giving that to my gf (once I can get it unlocked.) I've been tinkering around with my phone for the last few days and I can tell I've just scratched the surface. I did quite a bit of surfing around before I found this site and most of it was a waste. Very happy to have made it here, there seems to be a wealth of knowledge as well as a lot of knowledgeable people.

    My Hobbies:

    I'm huge into snowboarding, been doing it around 13 years now. During the winter time I'm always up on the mountain. I've been looking for some way to work up there or afford to ride more and I think I've finally found it. This semester I enrolled in EMT (emergency medical technician) training and I plan to join the NSP (National Ski Patrollers) association. Its a volunteer program but it allows you to help out as well as ride any mountain for free. If I get lucky I might just save a life, who knows. If I get really lucky I'll get to play with dynamite. BOOM!

    I'm also a gamer, I play halo3, call of duty4, company of heroes, and gta4 most frequently now. Recently my 360 took a crap on me though, so I've taken a break from that until microsuck sends it back. I've also been into computers and programming for quite a while, though haven't done much of it lately for lack of purpose. Hopefully this blackberry will get me back into java programming.

    I like to wakeboard as well, work on cars, work out, play basketball, skate (although my ankles feel otherwise), dj, fish, camp, ride snowmobiles, swim, or just anything that lets me get outside.

    My work:

    I'm an electrician by trade, but I've done a little of everything... Web design, systems administration, carpentry, roofing, drywall, heavy equipment operations, dj'd at a radio station, mobile dj, fabrication, you name it. Someday I'd like to build my own house so I'm slowly checking off the required skills. I still freelance web design, mobile dj'ing, electrical, and home theater installs so if anyone is in need, feel free to contact me. If you know someone is in need and can make the deal happen, I will gladly shoot you some cash for the referral. :P


    I'm 25 years of age, I live in Sacramento, ca. I've lived all over northern California, and travelled to 49 of the 50 states. In a week it'll be 50, as I'm going to Hawaii on Wednesday. I've also been to 15 foreign countries, mostly in Europe where I have family. I'm a very outgoing sort of guy so if you want to talk for any reason, don't feel like you cant. If you're a quality person, I'm happy to meet you. Be aware though I can be fairly blunt so if you aren't that type I might come off as abrasive, but thats just my nature.

    Thanks for reading and feel free to leave your comments.

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    Hey welcome to the Stacks!feel free to ask any questions, there's a lot of knowledge here in the Stacks!
    ~via BB (

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    Welcome New Stacker. ~via BB (

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    ~via BB (, we are gonna get along. I snowboard, play video games and live in Cali lol. Welcome to stacks.

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    Welcome to pinstack. I'm sure you will get many questions answered here, learn a lot and get to know plenty of people from all over the world.. Like me, I'm in Colombia south America... good luck, I'm sure ill see you around. ~via BB (

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    Welcome to Pinstack and thanks for the intro.

    Bold berry

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    Very nice, welcome to Pinstack. My dad was born in Santa Anna.

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    right on flash24, where in cali? maybe we can ride this winter. Hopefully I won't be towing you down the hill on a sled in my red jacket... :P

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    bought ur girl a blackberry too?? how long you guys been together? even if it was a good deal i would hafta be at least with her a year before I'd do that. lol

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    Welcome! I've been a little behind on posts this week. (vehicle shoppin') Looks like a very active life and w/ the BB even more so. Nice intro. I think it would do us all good to know a little more about one another.


    Welcome to the Stacks, slowgo00!

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