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Hi, I have no experience with smartphones so came here to read and get help ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    Hi I'm new to the forum and smartphones


    I have no experience with smartphones so came here to read and get help and suggestion info on what to consider. I am a Canadian so I'm looking for info that will help me in Canada.
    I do not need the latest and greatest smartphone. I would like something that will grow with my abilities and interest.

    I am attracted toward the google Android smartphones, but don't ask why. I'm not sure that the latest Android 2.3 platform is available in Canada.

    Anyway, helpful comments will be appreciated. I will be reading and lurking here for a while before buying anything.


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    Welcome to PinStack, there are alot of good smartphones out there and the Droid is a good one. I sport a BlackBerry myself but my son and his wife both sport the Droid and love it. I've always been a BB smartphone guy so I can't compare products but alot of the staff here have ventured to and from different smartphones and should be able to supply you with good suggestions

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    Welcome to the Stacks, ehender!! I myself was a total Blackberry Addict for a few years and i am now on the Droid X!! Every smartphone has something the other does or doesn't so it comes down to what you want!! My best advise is to check out the forum and different threads. Just see what users think about the device they are using! If you have questions feel free to ask and there will always be someone who will jump in and at least give their opinion and try to help!

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    Welcome to the Stacks have you checked out this thread?

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    Just ask
    Welcome to the stacks...think about what is important to you in it daily life...whether its surfing or work productivity....some phones are more suited to one then the other..I like both and am using a torch. It has a physical keyboard and touch interface as well. My wife just went from a blackberry too iphone and likes it,
    ...however she misses the physical keyboard. Go into a store and try some phones out to see what fits it style...good luck.

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