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Hello!!! I love my Black Berry Curve for almost 4 years now. Now soon I ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    Hello!!! I love my Black Berry Curve for almost 4 years now. Now soon I will have the possibility to renew my contract (T-Mobile - Europe). I want to have a new Black Berry, but I want to use Skype on it next to internet via MiniOpera. Can somebody advise me how to set this up? It seems that Skype is not supported in Europe
    Greets, Georgette

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    As far as I understand, true SKYPE is not available on the blackberry (GSM/EDGE/3G), you can get a Skype to go number which you call and then it forwards to your Skype account. Verizon provide a Skype app for the BB in the US on a CDMA network, which I do not think is available in Europe. I believe that the folks at Skype do not consider BB's fast enough or transmit enough data to be able to handle the transmission through the DATA portal.

    You may however be able to use an App such as iSkoot or IM+ Talk. I haven't tried either, but they seem to have reasonable reviews. I am sure some of the pinstackers will be able to provide a more comprehensive answer.

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