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Hello i'm a newbe and am not really sure how all this works. I do ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    Question Hello Everyone <3


    Hello i'm a newbe and am not really sure how all this works. I do have a question about my bb tour 9630. Will any other type of themes work for my phone?? Also how do i make a theme on my own??

    Thanks LiLShawnka!

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    The theme most likely won't work unless it is made (compatible) with your specific device. In many instances, the theme has specific settings for the screen that may not be the same on other devices.

    Hope this helps and please, fellow Stackers, feel free to correct me if I am wrong


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    Hello, and welcome to PinStack. What smooth said is true, themes are for the most part device specefic, e.g. made for a certain OS. OS 4 themes wont work on an OS5 device and visa versa. But, if your screen is the same size as another device and the OS is the same it will work.
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    Welcome to the Stacks!

    We have many great themers here who would be glad to assist you in your theme development! Just ask!

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