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I joined to get an opinion about the new smart phones. My current phone is ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    Hello and heres my question...


    I joined to get an opinion about the new smart phones. My current phone is hanging on by a thread and my contract with Verizon is up in a few days. Verizon just introduced the iphone 4 which from what I understand is on a 3g network.I was set on getting the iphone 4 until I heard the iphone 5 would be out in July which will be a 4g phone. I certainly cant wait 9 months for the iphone 5 but does anyone else smell a rat here? I know the goal is sales but wont all the customers who purchase the iphone 4 be irate when the iphone 5 comes out? I guess my question is will the iphone 4 be quickly obsolete?

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    Not too sure that all smartphones just out or coming out won't be obsolete rather quickly. If you are looking for 4g then I would wait. If you are hung on the Iphone then you have other options for 4g just not with Big Red

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    I suggest you buy a phone to get you by until the new i5 drops, if you're set on an iPhone. If not, and since your contract will soon be up, your choices are wide open, new phone, new carrier.
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