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Hi everyone! My name is Ryan and I figured I would come by and introduce ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    Hi everyone!

    My name is Ryan and I figured I would come by and introduce myself. I've been over on Crackberry for a while, and I've been lurking here as well. I've come to appreciate the clean layout and design of PinStack.

    I'm a 22 year old Restaurant Manager who up until the last 2 months, has never laid a hand on a BlackBerry. But, as my workload increases and my responsibilities at work expand, but my ability to be at a desktop decrease, I found myself needing something to pull my professional life together.

    Which, brought me to the BlackBerry Curve. I've always been of the mindset to have a phone. Not a camera, not an MP3 player, just a solid phone that could be abused and depended on.

    I weighed out my options against Palm's products, and other PDA and smartphones, but the only answer seemed to be the BlackBerry. I was totally shocked at how much capacity for making life easier this phone has. It is truly wonderful.

    I started off knowing absolutely nothing about the BlackBerry user interface, tweaks and stuff. But after weeks of searching and reading and tinkering, I've learned a plethora of information. So for that, I want to thank all of you for posting such information to former lurkers as myself.

    So, why did I register? Well, I consider myself in no way an expert on this little device. However, I feel that I've become an advanced user in many ways. So I would like to help share and spread the wealth of knowledge around about how to optimize a person's BlackBerry experience.

    See you guys around the forum!

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    Welcome, Ryan!

    Can't say that I've spent a whole lot of time at Crackberry, so I really have no opinion in that regard, but you can rest assured that the wealth of knowledge here on PinStack is head and shoulders above any other forum of its kind!

    For as long as I've been here, which isn't nearly as long as other Stackers, there isn't one question I've seen that hasn't been answered in a timely, professional and intelligent manner, so you've definitely made a wise decision on both your resource for BlackBerry questions and issues, as well as your choice in devices!

    Once again, welcome to PinStack! Glad to have you on board!


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    Welcome, Ryan! Nice post. I love much for so little! We all have attributes to offer...thx for the future help. I love my Curve...could not function in this world w/out it. See you around!

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