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    I'm a die hard non-Micky$oft user (ie mac and linux) and I'm looking for any help I can get to get my BlackBerry 7100t more functional with my service provider - T-Mobile (UK).

    T-Mobile is pretty hopeless but I can use IM+ although I had to use a friend's laptop to install the software:-( Now I want to update the theme because the T-Mo one is very sad indeed and my friend is no longer running Windoze. I've got PocketMac which can install applications although it is pretty shaky code.

    My BlackBerry seems to have old software (4.0) which does not work with any theme other than that supplied by T-Mo and, worse, PocketMac will not install the core software which comes as a .exe file.

    Any suggestions not involving joining the evil empire?

    Also, does anyone know how non BES users can get some form of spam detection on the BlackBerry - a LOT of my e-mail is spam which never reaches my desktop.



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    Re: Greetings..

    You can use Antair BlackBerry Spam Filter for yor BlackBerry spam troubles -- it works for both personal and BES accounts:

    Here is the direct link to the OTA download:

    - Cheers
    Antair BlackBerry Software
    A spam filter for a cleaner inbox, a call screener to block calls, and more great BlackBerry tools.

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