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Hello, When I try to perform a lookup from the GAL on a BB 7290, ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    GAL 'Lookup Failed' on a BB 7290



    When I try to perform a lookup from the GAL on a BB 7290, I get a failed look up error.

    I have research this and found the article below. However, it did not help because.
    I see that the BB has:
    -Blackberry 4.1 Core Applications
    -Blackberry 4.1 System Software

    I also remove the SIM and tested this on a different BB (a 7105) but got the same error.

    Any ideas,


    Article found

    A lookup performed on the BlackBerry wireless device displays[Lookup failed: <lookup entry>] rather than the expected [No matches: <lookup entry>]. The failed lookup repeats every two minutes or until purged after two hours.

    Install BlackBerry device software 4.1. Contact your service provider for more information.

    Delete the failed address lookup.
    In the Find screen, click the trackwheeel and clickDelete Lookup.

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    Re: GAL 'Lookup Failed' on a BB 7290

    Have you done a lookup before? Youre on BES? Try to reboot your BB and try again?

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