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bama is the BEST................Thats why they won......ROLLTIDE... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    ask me


    bama is the BEST................Thats why they won......ROLLTIDE

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    Quote Originally Posted by rifraf2009 View Post
    I'm sorry! This FB issue has just gotten me a little flustered, to say the least! You can read back through this thread and see how we all go back and forth with each other. Well this is how it SHOULD be! Its a game. Its supposed to be fun! But some of these so called friends of mine have made it personal. I would like to consider myself a good sport, but there is a line. And a few of these people have crossed it! LOL!!! And got deleted, lol! But I am sorry for venting my frustrations on here.
    Hey, you don't have to apologize. Its good that folks are so passionate about their teams. Texas played good and had a great year.

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    You know, I have 4 teams that I like. Of course Texas being my favorite. Florida State would be 2nd. LSU would be #3, and Auburn would be #4. If I had to pick a #5 it would probably be Georgia Tech, mainly because I had friends that went their. I don't follow professional football. Because to me, once they make it to the pro's it starts being all about the money. In college they are actually playing for something. There's more heart, and passion for the game. That's why, to me, that game was so important. You could see the heart and soul of that Texas team almost vanish when McCoy left. It was like the wind just got knocked out of the entire Texas teams sails. And to see this TRUE freshman, who's last big game was a high school state championship game, that he won by the way, to see him come in and play the biggest game of his life and to do as well as he did, it was truly inspiring! I will not fault Alabama for capitolizing on the misfortune of Texas loosing McCoy. Its football, these things happen. Texas would have done the same thing, and DID when Ingram went out in the second half. Both teams had great years and both teams more than deserved to be there. Congradulations Alabama..... BUT.... HOOK'EM HORNS!!!

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