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    just filled it out
    nonnasmyladie [@] vzw [Dot] blackberry [dot] net

    PIN: 31a987a7

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    The first thing I will ask for in Heaven is a BB.

    Do you know what this is? Its the world's smallest violin playing just for the waitresses.

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    Me too.

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    ~via BB (
    My poor wife. Think my name, "Berryadict" says it all.
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    I wake up in the middle of the night just to check if I receive anything on my Berry. She sleeps next to me on a pillow. And my gf sleeps next to me on the floor.

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    I could probably live. Would I want to with out my bb is another story. Lol
    ~via BB (

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    3M TA3
    I'd take a bullet for my BB :P

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    I drove to Winnipeg from Edmonton on Friday. I slept for 7 hours in Winnipeg and drove back. While gone for 35 hours I received several resumes via my BB. I interviewed a husband and wife driving team via txt and MMS (wanted to see those whom I was interviewing), and hired them. They were driving a rig in the mountains (BC) while I was driving a rig in Saskatchewan.

    When I got home I cleaned out the truck and left it at the shop to be serviced. I drove home (clear across the city). When I got there I realized I had left my Curve in its holder on the dash. I had my Bold on my belt.

    It took all of 3 milliseconds to decide to turn the car around and make the hour long trek back to the shop to get my Curve.

    Would you leave one of your children in the truck all alone all weekend? Neither will I!

    While on Holidays two weeks ago, my son and father-in-law and I went sailing. Ken was sitting below decks drinking scotch and whining about the cost of living. My Son was sailing the yacht. I was drinking scotch and comparing the signal on my CDMA curve to the signal on my 3G Bold. It was a family outing afterall. All three of my kids were there!!

    Simple answer.... I can live without my Berries for as long as it takes to grab a shower!! They would come with me but they are allergic to water!!
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    If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe. - Carl Sagan

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    Id be hurt without my bb. No lie. But I wouldnt cry about it. Just pick up the sprint that I damn near never use and call instead of text. Matter of fact, im a start that now! Lol

    ~via BB (

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    I can not tell a lie.....I'm an addict.

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