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Welcome to pinstack. Pin messages are free to read by the BES admin. He can ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    Welcome to pinstack. Pin messages are free to read by the BES admin. He can even have all your conversations emailed to him like a digest Also see:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewis
    ~via BB (

    If you're on BES, they (can) know everything.

    When you send a PIN, it goes from your BlackBerry to your BES, then to RIM, then to the receiver's BES/BIS, then to the BlackBerry.

    No matter if it's BES or BIS, it's going through RIM and (possibly) being recorded.
    Sorry, but this is incorrect. PIN messages do not pass thru any BES server. The path is: sending BlackBerry, RIM, receiving BlackBerry. Also, all data passing thru RIM is encrypted in such a matter that even RIM can not read it. Or so they say.

    Allow me to clear up some of the misinformation that has been floating around regarding PIN logging. Any BES version 4.0 or earlier is not capable of logging PIN messages. Starting with BES 4.1 PIN messages can be logged via an audit file. The default setting is disabled, but your BES admin can enable it. The PIN messages still do not pass thru the BES server. What actually happens is that a log of the messages is synced to the server where the admin can read them if they so desire.

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