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I just watched the CNN report on returning war vets. I was disturbed to learn ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    Calling for Respect for Veterans Everyday


    I just watched the CNN report on returning war vets. I was disturbed to learn that most of the US veterans have needed six months to a year to find viable employment when they return home. This despite the fact that company executives interviewed said they were targeting vets as employees because of their special skill sets. Vets are trained team members and leaders. Vets have the ability to work well under pressure. Vets have a solid foundation of work ethic.

    It seems to me that since the BlackBerry Device and the BlackBerry Community are such huge human resource networking assets, we have a duty, in the United States especially, to exploit this network and help to identify veterans for the purpose of respect and to insure that anyone connected to this network knows that veterans use BlackBerrys and are easily contacted through these devices and forums like this one.

    I am not a veteran, but I believe all vets should attach some standardized icon or mini-avatar in their signature that identifies their military service similar to the attachment of MD after a doctor's name.

    And, I believe that Human Resource Managers all over should be informed that the numerous BlackBerry Forum Member Lists contain a vast wealth of candidates for employment.

    Veterans identify yourselves.
    Members inform HR of this forum.
    HR understand the value of veteran employees.

    I'm not sure if this post became a Rant and Rave. Sorry if I broke any rules.
    I am asking all members to contact their local and state government officials and ask them to allow veterans to sign their names this way:
    John Q. Soldier, E6 (which is your rank).
    Exactly as other professionals who have passed board tests do.
    Is there a tougher test than military service? They deserve more respect.

    (In the United States) Contact your Governor by googling "contact your governor" and send this message.

    Governor ___________,
    Please allow our military veterans to legally sign their name in this manner
    John Q. Soldier, E6
    So that we may start to recognize their service to their great country just as we recognize the acceptance of physicians, lawyers, and other professionals, to their respective governing boards.
    Thank you,


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    I totally agree with you on this issue. No matter what you think of the conflict they were/are in vets should be supported and respected for the tremendous sacrifice they have made.
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    I agree with u 100 %and a lot of the time it takes longer to find a job. I,m a vet and it has been closer to 2 yrs for me to find a job,I even interned @ VA Regional in Colorado@ their IT Dept, applied for the same position when it became available and did not qualify. It's really sad how they treat Veterans and maybe this suggestion may help Vets in the long run. We probably don't identify ourselves as often as we should and its probably because we still get no recognition for our time in service.

    We should start our own thread(if there isn't one already,which I'm sure there is!)network and work with one anotherto get more things accomplished.feel free to PIN me if u feel this is viable cause or just chat between military brothers PIN:24774DB3
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