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i just got the pearl on the 12th, i upgraded from the sidekick 2 and ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    Brand new blackberry user


    i just got the pearl on the 12th, i upgraded from the sidekick 2 and let me tell you....its a whole different world!! i love it. i do have some questions though.

    i am using the OZ messenger that comes with the pearl and im not too happy with it considering the fact that i cant be on all 3 apps at one time(AIM,MSN,Yahoo) and that my yahoo always has service interruptions. im wondering if theres any other programs out there that would help..i know ramble IM is out there, im just waiting for the email back to download it.

    Also, im wondering how to unleash the full potential of my new of now the only thing i can do is get media on to my phone( i baught a 1 gb micro SD) so im wondering if theres anything else out there to make my blackberry experience better.

    thanks guys

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    Re: Brand new blackberry user

    Welcome to Pinstack. Check out some of our threads on the 8100. We have a few members who have been really giving it the going over. And they have been posting there findings.

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    Re: Brand new blackberry user

    Welcome to Pinstack, you should find a lot of info in the 8100 threads! Great info as a matter of fact!

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    Re: Brand new blackberry user

    cubarican87, Welcome to PinStack.

    I believe the OS messenger App is text based, is it not. If you don't have an unlimited text plan, I would be careful using it. There are a couple of Data based IM apps discussed in the Third Party Apps forum. Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help with your BB.

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