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Hello everyone! The pun (that may have been) intended in the subject line is as ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    Arrow Blackberry virgin - Pearl popped the cherry!


    Hello everyone! The pun (that may have been) intended in the subject line is as far 'out of line' as I intend to get, so I hope I don't get banned with a Junior Stacker level ::smirk::.

    I've never used a BB before until four days ago when I took my Samsung SGH-t809 slider in to have it swapped out for the Pearl. Let me tell you... I'm in love with the keyboard and the messaging functionalitys. I wasn't too impressed with the camera, but not because of quality, but because there's no thrills or frills about it. It was hard letting my old phone go because I loved it's ability to take a picture, and immediately upload it to my account (you myspacers know what I'm talking about). I'm sure I can configure the BB in a way to just add the email it sent the pic to automatically, to do it with a few clicks of the Pearl (trackball) but I haven't got there yet.

    Now that I won't be pegged as a pesimist (sp), I'll go into what I don't like. The voice activated dialing is awesome, until it locks up the device, or just doesn't function anymore, and acts as though you never hit the convenience key, or that you went to it's menu icon and clicked. lol (hey I guess I have a BB with attitude, I'm sure we'll get along great still). So this required a removal of the battery to resolve. next on the voicedialing I'd like to be able to say "Call <blah blah blah> mobile SPEAKERPHONE, so that it automatically will turn the speaker on. I'm having several little quirks with the software, like while adding members to a new group in the addressbook, my phone likes to freeze so I have to hold the power button for ten seconds, or sometimes even remove the battery. and the address book would be much more convenient if as you scrolled through the list of contacts, it would show that contact's phone number without having to click on each one, and then go back. Because I have four people named Mike in my phone. and now I'm forced to contact some of my "casual encounters" and say "Hi can I have your last name, or last inital, so I know who you are in my phone?" - Yeah I texted 50 people yesterday (no joke), saying "Hi I have a new phone, and the sim card didn't copy over your last names (really I just didn't know their last names), and I would appreciate it if you would respond to this message..." yada yada yada

    But anyway, I love the phone, I don't know anyone else with a blackberry, so I might like to have a heads up from you all how I delete the blackberry messaging.

    And also, what's up with if I assign a MP3 clip from my 512mb SD card to a contact, or one of my fave 5's, why does the phone lag so long in accessing the media to play it? on several occasions it takes soooo long to start to play the song that the caller has already been sent to voicemail and the phone just doesn't ring!

    Well that's my introduction! Nice to meet you all. And if anyone knows where I can get free apps, themes, maybe design my own themes, etc please let me know some how!

    - WT

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    Re: Blackberry virgin - Pearl popped the cherry!

    PacificDude8, Welcome to PinStack, and thank for you views and experiences with your Pearl.

    As to the themes, for now at least you are limited to those on the Blackberry HELP Site and the ones that came with your pearl. Hopefully Plazmic will release 4.2 of their CDK and we can start creating custom themes for the Pearl.

    You Ask, We Will Answer
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    Re: Blackberry virgin - Pearl popped the cherry!

    welcome to pinstack horny a s s

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