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    Hey Pinstack - thank you so much for all your prayers and good wishes. The prayers worked, as my daughter has come back home with us and will spend the summer re-habbing here in Spokane. She escaped paralysis, ( praise the Lord) and is walking again,albeit very gingerly, with a back brace on and both arms bundled up looking as big as Hellboy's.
    She had a titanium "cage" installed in her back, as they removed 2 discs, fragments of the L2 vertibra, and a rib. She has enough titanium installed into her, including both wrists, as we have lovingly nicknamed her "the bionic girl". She certainly will give metal detectors a run for it.
    Thanks again for all the well wishes. I truly believe she has recovered thusfar as a result of the prayers and good vibes. I am including a copy of the xray showing the cage- Chris
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    Chris, Thanks for the update and as hard as I know it must be for her I am so happy to hear it isn't any worse. Has she thought about getting a titanium Curve? Sorry I couldn't help that. Honestly I am so happy to hear she is doing OK and the prognosis is good. Tell her our prayers are with her and to keep the faith. I am sure this is very hard for her.

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    Good news that she is home and doing well!
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    good to now she's back in home again, and nothing like dad support, keep going Chris

    Be Blessed
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    It is miraculous that she went through all that and is walking already....we will continue to pray as she recovers. Give all our best wishes to your bionic girl
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    It's a miracle alright! So happy that she is with you now so she can have her Daddy take care of her again
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    I know what its like to have all that. I have an entire set of screws and bolts in my back from a Scoliosis curvature fusion surgery (I was born with Spina Bifida, and severe Scoliosis that had to be surgically repaired at age 8. I'm now nearly 31). I don't set off metal detectors anymore.

    The best thing for her right now is to avoid excessive bending because that will loosen the hard work the doctors did to insert all that.

    I have managed to break every one of the screws in my back from numerous tip overs in my wheelchairs. As a result I don't sit up as straight as I used to but the doctors don't want to redo the surgery because I would lose a lot of function that I have now.

    Take it from a pro. She still has a long road ahead of her though. She will probably have to wear that brace for up to 12 weeks because of the damage to the spinal cord.

    Tell her good luck and if she would like (and its ok with both of you), I can talk to her on BBM so she doesn't feel alone through this. I missed the initial post about how she was injured but this still hits home to me every time I see a new spinal cord injured person.
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    Chris, thanks for keeping us posted and Praise the Lord that she is going to recover and be able to walk. You have a long road ahead, please contiue to let us know how shes doing. Stay strong and keep the faith. Holler if you want to talk. 20F536B6
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    Glad to hear she is home and doing well.

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    Your daughter will definitely be in my prayers. God is going to send her a speedy recovery.
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    Glad she's home and on the mend, Chris! Your family will be in my prayers! God Bless!


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