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got it yesterday. love it already. on the sprint network, which works flawlessly so far ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    got it yesterday. love it already. on the sprint network, which works flawlessly so far in my area w/all the phones I've had in the past (5+ yrs w/Nextel, 1 yr w/Sprint)...and now, w/the new BB.

    strong voice signal strength, and 1XEV on the wireless side.

    Phone as Modem is THE BEST thing about this BB for me. I pay 39.99 unlimited and PAM is included. couldnt ask for more at this time...

    however. I do own my own business, and work in a loud auto shop type environment. is there anyway to get the ringers louder??

    other than that, I'm going to look around and see what I can come up w/on here...

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    Re: 8703e

    brianodell, welcome to PinStack.

    You might make your own Ringtone, creating one that has a peircing sound and raising the output level when creating it. Or keep the BB where you can feel it and using the Vib setting when in a loud environment.

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    Re: 8703e

    Hello brianodell, welcome to pinstack. Im glad you are enjoying the 8703e. I am a Sprint-Nextel employee, and if you ever need help with your BB just ask.

    As Rcb said, making your own ringtone will probably be the easiest way for you, but there are numerous sites that you can check to see what they have. Here are a few...

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