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    Windows Mobile: An Operating System for Adults


    From the blogs of ~ I just posted my first impressions of the SE XPERIA X1a, which is the Windows Mobile device with the highest specifications available today. Then I read Zack’s post a bit later today slamming Windows Mobile so I thought it would be appropriate to address his issues and post why I think Windows Mobile still has a lot to offer even though today they get no respect, as Rodney would say. I have to start out by saying I tend to agree a bit with his recent article discussing touch technology in the computing industry. The iPhone is a fun device, but has too many shortcomings for me to use as my everyday device. Unfortunately, now everyone else thinks they need to focus on touch interfaces as well and IMHO too many companies are focusing on the touch experience. RIM makes excellent BlackBerry devices and should stick with non-touch screen devices and keep innovating there. Nokia and Microsoft have non-touch devices that are fast and stable and work extremely well as phones and I am personally a bit tired of the whole touch focus.

    Back when the Pocket PC started out in 2000 there were bugs and issues, but as a HEAVY Windows Mobile user I have to say they have been pretty solid devices the last couple of years and the non-touch screen devices have been rock solid for even longer. I think Zack should switch to a non-touch screen Windows Mobile Smartphone and give that a try before completely dropping Windows Mobile.

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    I'm gonna have to take this sucker for a spin. My sister has that phone and loves it. Thanks for the post Lavagirl

    Did you see the Touch HD HOLY COW!!!
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    What's the matter? CIA's got you pushing too many pencils?

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    Coming from windows mobile I can safely say that until microsft fixes the bugs they will never be a true competitor to RIM, Apple, etc in terms of user friendly-ness. Yes their devices have gotten better and bugs have been fixed. They still release OS' to soon. ~via BB (

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    but the device is sooo pretty

    i had a nokia E71 (i think that's the model) before beginning my bb addictions (between the 7100g and the pearl) and that thing locked up more than my berry ever has. course, that was almost 3 years ago.

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    Windows Mobile systems may not be perfect, but for power users it is hard to beat the hardware and software aspects of the products. There is a huge library of software apps available, and many of the most useful (Office Mobile apps, for instance) are free or included with the OS. In the hardware speed and flexibility department, Win Mobile products typically have more horsepower, and the ability to actually USE things like the extra storage media efficiently - you know, for things like storing and running apps directly from the media, saving that precious internal memory.

    I actually really like my BlackBerry, but often find myself feeling constrained by the internal limitations, which makes me miss my old Win Mobile smartphone. But for mobile email for the masses, the BB really got it right.

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    ya WM has TONS OF APPS, The ability to use external storage to store programs and hacks, they have custom built roms, speed hacks and registry edits and usually some crazy Hardware under the hood, i have a touch pro and i have had it for about 3 months I LOVE IT, i came from a BB Pearl (8100) and its such a good change although i love the EASE of my pearl to do most things

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    LOL I like how he's indirectly calling anyone that doesn't use a WinMo device.. a non-adult.

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    ~via BB (
    I love our new format of inclusion, as the various aspects of all of the platforms are terribly interesting to me, and there are certainly excellent devices among all of them

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