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Good day all! After somewhat of a delay, which was longer than planned, I’m excited ... Windows Mobile News forum

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    Thumbs up SBSH PocketBreeze 5.5 Public Beta 1 released!


    Good day all!

    After somewhat of a delay, which was longer than planned, I’m excited to post today the very first public beta version of PocketBreeze 5.5!

    Please keep in mind that this version is only a first public beta version from many planned and therefore there are still many features that are not included with this first release and will be introduced in upcoming public beta versions. The goals list for this upcoming version release is pretty large and therefore some changes might not make complete sense with a specific update, but everything should be connected together nicely as we continue to progress with upcoming public beta versions

    As always, this new version can be installed for free by all PocketBreeze 5.X registered users. Simply download and install this new version on top of the current version you are using to start using the new version features. Since this is a public beta version we recommend to backup your device content before installing this new version just to be on the safe side

    What's new with PocketBreeze 5.5 Public Beta 1?

    This new version includes a few initial code improvements for the new version development, but, the main new feature that is the first in a series of Touch-Navigation oriented changes is the new Touch Scrolling that is introduced for the first time with this new public beta version.

    Using this new version, if you will try to swipe your finger on any of PocketBreeze tabs up/down you will see that your tab content now scrolls up/down and you can easily scroll through the different items with it The new touch scrolling should work within all of PocketBreeze tabs and provide smooth interface that limits the scrolling within the tab content. The overall scrolling experience should be similar to the iPhone scrolling experience.

    Due to this new touch scrolling implementation several features that existed with previous versions were removed such as the ability to drag items on the pinned monthly calendar on the Calendar view. This feature (along with one or two additional older options too) had to be removed to prevent a logic conflict for the "swipe"/"drag" action that now scrolls the display. The decision to give up on some of the older features was pretty easy to make since I'm positive that the new touch scrolling is simply much better and definitely worth giving up on some of the older features that were not commonly used with PocketBreeze anyway

    This new version main focus is on the new touch scrolling implementation and therefore we would love to hear as much feedback as possible on the new implementation and how things are working for you

    Download links for PocketBreeze 5.5 public beta 1

    Click here to download PocketBreeze 5.5 PC installer
    Click here to download PocketBreeze 5.5 OTA for Windows Mobile 2003
    Click here to download PocketBreeze 5.5 OTA for Windows Mobile 5 and higher

    What input are we looking for and some details about upcoming public beta versions

    As part of the new touch scrolling code implementation we had to re-code lots of PocketBreeze older code to adopt to the new scrolling method. Due to all of these changes there are good chances that some of the old features won't completely work with this new version or will be causing some trouble. As part of the testing for this new version I would really like to hear what do you think about the new scrolling method? Is this a direction we should continue with on more views of PocketBreeze? And please be sure to report any feature that you believe is now broken as a result of this new version implementation.

    Any data that you can provide us with will be really helpful I really hope that overall users will find this new version release changes fun to use and helpful for the overall user experience. I'm looking forward for your input about this new version!

    As for a few details about upcoming builds - we have some really great new things that we wish to implement which will continue to extent finger-friendly navigation with PocketBreeze so you can expect more upcoming public beta versions (hopefully almost every few days now) with some of the upcoming new features. Please also be sure to post with more ideas and how would you like to see things continue to develop since this will help us choose the best development path overall.

    Many thanks for the help with the testing for those who choose to help with the public beta testing!


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    Gonna check this out in a bit!

    Carpe Diem!!


    Check this out!!! Mobiletropolis

    My TORCH Rocks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thbassman View Post
    Gonna check this out in a bit!
    Sounds good to me thbassman
    I'll be glad to hear any comments you will have after trying it out!


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