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Images have been popping up for a few months now about the Omnia Pro B7330 ... Windows Mobile News forum

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    Samsung Omnia Pro B7330


    Images have been popping up for a few months now about the Omnia Pro B7330 from Samsung, the upgrade to the B7320. Though Samsung has been keeping a lid on their release dates as of late, they have officially confirmed the device will be available sometime in October and will feature Windows Mobile 6.5. Not a huge surprise there, but what is interesting is that Samsung has also announced that all current and future versions of the Omnia line will ship with 6.5. The manufacturer is diving in quickly to the newest version of the OS from Microsoft.

    Microsoft has said in recent months that it realizes it has failed to pour the resources into it's mobile division that it should have to keep it in step with the likes of RIM and Apple in the smartphone community, but has promised 6.5 is a big step towards that goal. With a partner like Samsung embracing it with a lineup of solid handsets, the term 'Windows Phone' may become a new buzzword in the mobile community.

    The new Omnia Pro B7330 will feature:

    • 320x320 Display
    • Full QWERTY keyboard
    • HSUPA support
    • 3MP camera
    • FM radio
    • GPS
    • Wi-Fi
    • and a micro-SD slot

    The big upgrade to this device over the 7320 seems to be the HSUPA support and 320x320 display (replacing the QVGA), but will come with 6.5 right out of the box. No prices or carriers have been announced yet, but with the release less then a month away, it shouldn't be too long before the advertising slew starts.
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    Nice lookin' device.

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