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    HTC's Whitestone for Verizon, high-power Leo rendered again?


    via engadget mobile: HTC' Leo and Whitestone have been mentioned enough times in different contexts this year so that we have absolutely no doubt that they're real -- the questions at this point revolve around what they are, what they look like, and when they're coming. We still don't have most of those answers, but the situation might be getting a little clearer with the latest round of supposedly leaked renders.

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    HTC is really handing out some heavy hitters anymore. I remember just about 2 years ago when HTC was viewed as a cheap Chinese manufacturer. A lot of the forums on the net were laughing at them, but they come out with some dynamite devices in the last year. I'm looking forward to some actual hands on photos of these, especially one featuring the Snapdragon processor.
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    I agree. They are dishing out some triple whoppers...
    But the thing is that the euro version of these phones are better than the US version; What Gives?
    I am defiantly looking forward to seeing them on the US carriers.
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