Vopium allows you to save 40-90% when making international calls or sending SMS from your mobile and now ENJOY 30 MINS FREE calling without registration. to your home country without changing your current operator or SIM-card. You pay your mobile provider for a local call and Vopium for the international add-on.


Type "VOP" and send to+447781480717 (UK number).

The Vopium solution is simple, affordable and it offers: -

· 90% off rates on all international calls

· Absolutely free calls between Vopium-Wifi users

· Freedom i.e. no need to change cell phone or SIM card

· Works with over 500 devices from Symbian, Windows Mobile, Blackberry & iPhone

· Top-notch voice quality

· Free Mobile data back up through Vopium Sync Application

· Swift communication with family & friends regardless where they are