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Ok I made a diagram to help lol. Sorry for the crappy pictures. Warning Do ... Blackberry Guides forum

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    Info: Trackball Click Issues


    Ok I made a diagram to help lol. Sorry for the crappy pictures.

    Warning Do at own risk, sells replacement domes
    Below is the bb8100 without the trackball. Circled in red is the brass button that is having issues.

    Section 1: If your trackball always is clicking

    1. Here is a basic run down on how the button works. The gold circles are what causes the button to send its signal the phone when they are connected together. The black half circle is the brass button that the trackball pushes down that give the click feel.

    2. When you depress the trackball it pushes the brass button down and connects the two gold pieces together which intern lets the signal through to the phone telling it that a button was pushed

    So here is the problem

    A. The brass button has lost its curve and is always touching the two gold circles

    B. the brass button has slid over a little and is also connecting the toe gold circles

    This brass button is only held on by tape so you can pull it off and bend the button back to a normal curve or you can adjust the position of it so it's not touching both gold circles.

    Section 2 if your trackball will not click anymore

    If your button doesn't click at all either there is corrosion underneath the brass button not allowing it to connect the circuit or the button has moved out of position and is not connecting correctly. It also may be an actual issue with the logic board. Either way the best option I would give is to pull back the tape holding the brass dome on there and clean underneith

    After you have pulled the dome off use a regular screwdriver and see it you canconnect the circut by touching the gold ring together if that works then you have a dome issue.
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    my gf always says i have a dome issue...
    anywho my backup 8310 has this problem thanks ALOT for this now I can investigate!

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    Thanks for the tip... I'm going to give it a try...

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