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If anyone wants to make this a sticky or keep it permanently in the How ... Blackberry Guides forum

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    How To: Set Up A New BlackBerry


    If anyone wants to make this a sticky or keep it permanently in the How To section, feel free.

    I'm seeing a lot of members getting the newer BB's (81xx, 83xx, 87xx and 88xx series models) either for their first BB or upgrading from an older device (myself included which is the inspiration behind this thread. I'm moving from an 8100 to the 8120 in 2 weeks).

    Step 1: Install the Desktop Software. This will install the drivers needed to sync your BB with your PC and charge the battery.

    Step 2: Charge the battery. This cannot be stressed enough for maximum performance. Give the new BB 6-8 hours on either the wall charger or PC (after the Desktop Manager has been installed or upgraded to 4.3).

    Step 3 (only if you have an 81xx, 83xx, or 88xx series model): Insert Media Card (81xx, 83xx, and 88xx only). Depending on the model, the Media Card is either under the battery (8100 Pearl), above the battery (8800), or on the left side of the BB (8110, 8120, 8130). This is so you can store text files, music, pictures, ringtones, videos, movie and TV shows.

    Step 4: Insert SIM card. This will be used to save contact phone numbers from your address book, and text messages.

    Step 5: Setup your BIS or BES accounts (if you have data access). This can be done on the BB (via Setup Internet Email icon) or a PC via your carrier's website.

    Step 6: Install the following applications on your BB to help get started: BlackBerry Messenger (if not preinstalled go to from the BB browser)

    PinStack Launcher (Go to on your BB for the link in the downloads section)

    JiveTalk (Go to and download this for access to MSN Messenger...this is a 30 day trial program. You have to purchase it afterwards)

    Yahoo and Google Talk Messengers ( from your browser).

    Step 7: Go to and view their BlackBerry 101 Demos. These are great for learning whichever newer device you have.

    Step 8: Have fun with your new BB! And be sure to order a screen protector, case, extended battery, etc to help maximize the life of your BB.

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    Nice post I am sure it will help many new users out so they can stop asking the same questions

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    good job Erica, nice to see you getting the 8120! I bet you can hardly wait...
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    Yeah cause my 8100 is starting to get on my nerves with the frequent hourglass coming up although I have 23 MB free left.

    A few more things I forgot to mention:

    Setup Wizard: This helps with setting up BIS accounts, setting the date and time, etc.

    Convenience Keys: Although these are programmed to access the camera (right convenience key) and voice dialing (left convenience key), the keys can be programed to open other applications. Right now I have my right key set to BlackBerry Messenger. The left one opens PinStack IRC chat.

    Mute Key: On top of phone. Used to put the phone in Standby Mode to prevent accidental phone calls and battery usage when not using the BB. I think this also mutes the sound during a phone call.

    There will be more additions as I think of them such as setting up WiFi, etc. but that's for another post.

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