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    Guide to: Blackberry Security and Encryption



    The Blackberry solution enables users to send and receive email and access corporate data wirelessly, while seamlessly protecting data against attack. The Blackberry Enterprise Solution uses Triple Data Encryption Standard (Triple-DES) or Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption to encrypt data in transit. Data remains encrypted during transit and is never decrypted between the Blackberry Enterprise Server and the handheld.


    Encryption is the scrambling of data based on a key. An encryption algorithm is designed so that only the parties that know the secret key can decrypt the encrypted data or ciphertext.

    Content Protection encrypts data that is stored on the handheld using 256 bit AES. The handheld also encrypts email messages and meeting requests that it receives when it is locked.

    If the user enables Content Protection on the handheld, the following items are secured.

    Email: Subject, Email Addresses, Message Body and Attachments.

    Calendar: Subject, Location, Organizer, Attendees and Notes included in the appointment or meeting request.

    MemoPad: Title and Information in the note body.

    Tasks: Subject and Information in the task body.

    Contacts: All information except for title and category.

    Auto Text: All entries that the original text is replaced with.

    Blackberry Browser: Content that is pushed to the handheld, Web sites that are saved on the handheld and Browser cache.
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    Re: Guide to: Blackberry Security and Encryption

    If anyone has the knowledge to authoritively update this to address media card encryption, that would be Very Good.

    Given different data (media files and other files) can be got to and from the media card in several ways (mass storage mode, the Roxio media manager, the previous RIM? media manager, Bluetooth, as email attachments, via MMS...) it's all very confusing under what combinations the data is encrypted, decrypted, or viewable...

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    Yes, I'm very disappointed with the blackberry that it doesn't encrypt the contents on the media card..after all, that's where all the files are stored. Even in the security menu, it includes the option to encrypt "media" files i believe. Turning all all and every encryption feature doesn't even touch the media card, that's a security flaw in itself.

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