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    Top Developer Reveals Android Market Sales


    It’s no secret that Apple’s App Store has been leaps and bounds more succesful than Android’s comparable Market, but it isn’t often we get concrete data that shows just how poorly Android’s store is faring in comparison. Today Android developer Larva Labs has posted some of the sales figures for its top applications, and the results are not impressive: Larva has two apps in Android’s top paid apps list called Battle For Mars and RetroDefense, ranking #5 and #12 respectively, and between them the company has raked in an average of $62.39 per day over the last month. Ouch.

    Larva’s Matt Hall attributes this poor performance in part to Android’s shoddy App purchase flow. Unlike the iPhone’s integrated App Store, Android Market doesn’t have screenshots of apps, forces you into the browser at times, makes you use Google Checkout, has some unintuitive navigation issues, and a handful of other problems. These issues are widely known — you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who thinks the purchase process is as smooth as it is on the iPhone — but they’ve been around for quite a while.

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    I wonder about other apps, productivity, utilities, music...other things that reach out to everyone. If I had an android device I would not purchase either of those apps...they are not the type of games I tend to play.

    It sounds like they have issues in the market that need addressing, but they are still new at this. But if they want to be the competition, then they have to step it up fast.
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    You should mention also that 95% of the apps on the Android Market are free and so that equates to weaker sales figures. I would say android users easily have access to many apps for just about anything we want or need.

    There should be a per user download % comparison as many droid users prob have 50+ apps downloaded at any given time. The open OS keeps the devs stoked and excited to continuously deliver high quality apps.
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    That's crazy that Trism failed to cross over - guess the brand is pretty device-specific!

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    Downloading priced or free apps is a breeze on the market. "Forces you into the browser"??? To buy an app? Never seen that and I've been a user since day 1. Sorry, but only a moron would have trouble with the process. They could improve on the filtering methods but overall I like the market. Its 10 months old and mostly free and great. Plus they let you try the priced app for a day, and if you don't like it, you get a full refund! Thats better than a screenshot!!! This is a bogus comparison.
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    I am fairly new to the android and recently just got an android phone but yes there are much fewer apps then my friend's gabillion iphone apps. I agree that instead of always hitting the back button maybe there is an easier way of going back and some of the naming conventions are a bit odd but I got it. I do have a brain which can figure things out. If I want to go back I hit the back key or home....what is so 'unintuitive' about that? I haven't found navigating the market place that much of an issue.

    Secondly, once I set up my Google checkout as I do for my itunes with apple; if I want to purchase I hit purchase. That was pretty painless to me.

    Thirdly, practically every app in the app store cost something. I like the fact that many, many of the android apps are free. And frankly Larva, they are a bunch of whiners...I glad the android community has grasp the idea of making good 'free' apps and yeah, it the game or product is good people will buy it. Some people are all about just to make a buck.

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