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The MOTO G1? From Boy Genius Report "You read that right! We just got a ... Android News forum

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    Rumors abound on who will make T-Mobile G1 v2


    The MOTO G1?

    From Boy Genius Report

    "You read that right! We just got a tip that basically more or less confirmed the phone we posted a couple days is going to be manufactured by Motorola for T-Mobile. Why isn’t HTC in the picture on this one? We have no idea. We’ve checked with a second source who also confirmed that this was going to be the case...."
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    Or Maybe not? Todays update from TmoNews suggests Samsung....
    "I’m not even really sure where to begin with this story, other than to say yesterday saw quite a bit of back and forth regarding who will actually manufacturer the rumored G1 V.2. Reports yesterday actually pegged Motorola as the device manufacturer, marking their first entry into the Android marketplace. Turns out, that wasn’t exactly true."
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    i like the shape of this device much better than the G1 .. i always thought that bottom part on the G1 was odd .. the curve part of it.

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    I agree, cherrichiodo. My boyfriend has the G1 and the curve irritates me to no end. I've played with it a lot, and while I think it's a better phone than the (in my opinion overrated) Iphone, I'm happy with my Curve. Phones with that high of price tags should at least come with a flash on the camera, amongst other things.
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