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Since Google launched Google Buzz for mobile , they've been working on ways to make ... Android News forum

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    Introducing Google Buzz widget for Android


    Since Google launched Google Buzz for mobile, they've been working on ways to make it quicker and easier to share your thoughts and experiences while you're out and about.

    Today, Google released a Google Buzz widget for Android phones that lets you post text and photos with a single tap. Like other mobile access points for Google Buzz, the widget lets you choose to tag your post with the location or place from which it was posted. You can post buzz about a great meal you had and share photos of the new restaurant. To save time, your posts will upload in the background, letting you get back to your scrumptious dessert without a wait.

    The widget is initially available in English for Android phones running v1.6 and later. Search for 'Google Buzz' in the Android Market to download it now. Once installed, you can add it to your home screen: tap "Menu" while on the home screen and select "Add > Widgets > Google Buzz".

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    As neat as this is Google really needs to let 3rd party vendors make things like this. Twitter App would be an example.
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    Simple and nice looking widget. Also, great for those using 1.6: now, we can buzz without having to use maps or the mobile route. Google has been updating a few apps for those below 2.0 and it's great...keep it up!

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    I am still wishing for something that will easily let me post to buzz, twitter, and facebook in an app form. I can do it from but an app would be better. I also want the app to have the ability to show all my friends posts/comments as well, something along the lines of socialscope or tweetdeck.

    This widget is OK for a quick post, but I would have to repost to twitter and Facebook too.
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