TmoNews posted this inventory screenshot today. They speculate that this will be what is currently known elsewhere as the HTC Magic. No release/availability date yet but it is a step closer and more concrete news can't be too far behind.

Note that it will come in three colors, black, white, and merlot. I'm not a fan of white phones and black is ok, but I can't wait to see the nice red merlot color. I am watching the developments on this phone carefully since I am seriously considering this as my next device.

"So what is revealed by the above image exactly? Android fans may take notice of the HTC T-mobile “Mytouch,” which isn’t the first time we have seen this name come under suspicision of being the HTC Magic. While we still can’t pinpoint an official release date, the name decision and inclusion into T-mobile inventory gets us one step closer to launch."

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