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I'm not sure I'd wanna go public with anything if my name was Isa Dick ... Android News forum

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    I'm not sure I'd wanna go public with anything if my name was Isa Dick Hackett. Maybe Lorena Bobbit will now sue Isa for her name. :0
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    Quote Originally Posted by ganns1980 View Post
    I'm not sure I'd wanna go public with anything if my name was Isa Dick Hackett. Maybe Lorena Bobbit will now sue Isa for her name. :0
    W..Wow...All I can say to that. Like Pdx said, I didn't make the correlation until I read this article and you cannot copyright the word nexus as it's not an concept word, it's a common use word in the english language.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caustic View Post
    Did BHP say that blade runner was a bad movie? Wtf.
    For the early 80's, IMO it was a great movie and groundbreaking in many ways
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    wow this device looks intense i have to get my hands on it to see it live =)
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    Well, just to lay out some basic legal concepts (yeah I'm a lawyer, but please don't hold it against me ;-) ):

    You can't "patent" a name. BUT..., you CAN trademark one if it used for goods or services (including entertainment services), through a registration with the Patent and Trademark Office in D.C. There are over 100 registrations for "Nexus," many of which are still active. Current registrations cover credit card services, electronic publishing, etc. I see no registration in favor of the Dick estate for this word.

    However, the Dick estate COULD have a claim, not based on a registered Trademark, but something called "secondary meaning," or a common law trademark, which is basically what one poster noticed - that he immediately made the mental connection between the phrase Nexus 6 and the Blade Runner literary work. If the public has made the association, then protection MAY apply. They would have to prove it in court. They could seek a preliminary injunction, but would have to establish NOW a likelihood of winning in a real trial in court later. Game of chicken here, as Google wouldn't want to roll out and invest in the brand, only to lose in a trial years later.

    And Dick would ONLY be able to "protect" their mark if it is used in close association with the concept of an android (which is their original use in BladeRunner), and it could be a not-too-difficult stretch to cover an "android" phone.

    Settlement is my bet.

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    I was waitig for someone to step on the trademarking as per the word being popular. Both Blackberry and Apple are common used words still both are trademarked and thus the issue a while back with the Samsung blackjack lol.

    I did not search the db but figured they had it trademarked thus the issue, guess not. Oh well time will tell it seems though the public on a whole has no clue of the similarity.
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