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Ahh Google, you've given us so much. From well, my main search engine, to GMail, ... Android News forum

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    Google Releases Podcast Beta Called "Listen"


    Ahh Google, you've given us so much. From well, my main search engine, to GMail, Google Voice, the Android platform, and now "Listen". Well, it's still only in the beta form, but it is publicly available to Android users. Announced yesterday on their official blog, the application is designed to allow users to, "...quickly finds podcasts and web audio relevant to your searches, lets you stream over-the-air or download for later, and subscribe to fresh content from your favorite feeds and searches." All for free.

    It is currently available only to users in the U.S., but I'm sure it won't take long for Google to get this going abroad. Now Android users can download Pinstack's Weekly Podcasts or any of their other favorite podcasts directly to their device and listen to it when it's more convenient for them.

    Check out all the details on their blog here.

    Or download the app here.
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    I've been using this, mostly for old-timey radio programs, but this is a really enjoyable app.

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